Monday, June 10, 2019

Retirement = Increased Modelling Production

After 40 years in education, I have officially retired.  Among other life changes, this will give me more time to devote to the UPRR Geneva Subdivision.  I have a ton of projects lined up that I will document the best I can.  I will document on this blog and also via my YouTube channel.  The goal will be to post weekly updates on layout progress.  Breaks in the weekly postings should only be interrupted by travel.

First project is modifying two Fox Valley Models GP60 in SP/SSW paint to patched Union Pacific units.  These two unit will serve as Global III switchers.

Here are the models after adding Micro-scale decals.  Up next will be weathering.  These units were built in the early 90s and were still in operation in 2016.  So, a lot of wear.

Before I started, I did some research on the models and came up with a number of photos from which to work.


  1. Congratulation on your retirement Daryl !

    Some of those SSW GP60's are still around. I saw one last March in Santa Clara, CA. I think they might be the last surviving scarlet and gray ?

  2. Retirement Daryl, now the fun can begin.B.N.S.F. have re-built 10 GP60's for yard shunters in California. If the tests work out they'll replace old SD 42's in the old Santa Fe colours.I'll be watching how this project turns out. Cheers, Chris Perry.

  3. Daryl,
    Do you ever have an open house. I’m just north of Atlanta.

  4. I'll be on the Piedmont pilgrimage this fall. Not sure which day.